Fringe Barrel Reins, Purple and lilac 8’

Fringe Barrel Reins, Purple and lilac 8’

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This round barrel rein is braided out of the finest 550 paracord. It has  4 grip knots total and attaches  to the bit with trigger snaps.The ends are flat braided so that you can adjust them shorter.  They are braided from 6 strands of paracord.   Please choose your color from the drop down menu.



What makes these reins different? The center is round braided with 2 sets of knots on each side. This lets you easily know if you are holding your reins in the center. You can use the knots as guidelines for turning. Just slide your hand down to a set of knots to complete your turn.

I braid my ends back into the flat braid to make a finished end instead of just a burned end.

The bottom is flat braided and attached with a trigger snap.  Also if a horse ever breaks your hardware, you still have your reins. Just attach a new buckle. If you don't like riding with metal attached to your bit you can attach the rein directly to the bit with the Conway buckle.

...and for extra flare these reins have fringe on them.