About Me

Thank you for checking us out at Tiffany's Braided Tack.  I just wanted to let you know a little about me  so you will know who is making your tack.  This is a family run business. My daughter, Kayla,  helps me as much as her young children will allow and other family members step in from time to time to give me a hand.  I have made my living with horses since 1992.  Horses have been my livelihood and my passion.  Here is a little background of how all of this began.....

My love of horses began with my first miniature horse named "Tiensie". I never remember not riding. I wanted to be a trick rider when I was a toddler, but Tiensie would stop whenever she thought I might fall off so that did not last long with her. My next horse allowed me to ride bridleless and stand up while cantering though the pasture. I remember standing up and cantering through the front pasture as a kid, and cars would pull over probably to see if I was going to fall off.   I went on to show western pleasure and barrel race through my childhood and rode whenever I had the chance. My family had a rodeo so we traveled on the weekends and put on rodeos. I went on to college, graduated, and went on to the business world for a few years, but the farm called me back. In 1992, I came back home and went to work at a farm as the farm manager and head trainer. I trained horses full time from 1992 until 2012. I have experience with all types of breeds and horses. I have started wild mustangs that would not let you touch them all the way to National Champion Paso Finos. These experiences gave me a variety of experiences with horses and horse tack. Tack was the tool of my trade. Over the years, there were many times I could not find exactly what I was looking for to help me in my training, so I started making it.
That was the beginning of my current career in horse tack. Riding horses all day for all of those years and some of the falls I had, took a toll on my body. I started making more horse tack and training less. I have been very blessed in this business and look forward to our continued growth. We look forward to doing business with you and getting to know you and your horses :).

I hope my experiences can help me to help you find your perfect tack piece for you and your horse!  I look forward to working with you.