Pony Tripping collar red white and blue

Pony Tripping collar red white and blue

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Small pony tripping collar.  
Don't settle for less just because it is for a small Shetland pony or miniature horse.

This tripping collar is made exactly like the big horse's, but it is mini sized. I made no shortcuts. It will let out to 44" across the chest and there is a lot of room to take it up. I also make a large pony size if your pony is a little bigger.
The side tugs are very adjustable with a roller buckle. The ends are very neatly back braided into the weave itself and melted. All of the tugs are very easily connected the the saddle and girth with trigger snaps.

Custom orders are welcome. Just send me a message if you need anything. Thanks for checking out for my products! :). I hope that we can do business together.


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