sale Cold Compression Boots,Ankle and Flexor

sale Cold Compression Boots,Ankle and Flexor

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Cold Compression Therapy

Flowboot: Cold Compression – Ankle & Flexor

FlowBoot intended for cold therapy is three times the foam in comparison to the performance boot. It is an easy, safe, and effective way of providing cold compression. The open cell foam will absorb water which can be frozen or submersed in ice water. Cold compression is significantly colder than ice alone due to improved skin contact and increased tissue density. Tissue reaches its lowest temperature faster and the tissue maintains its cool even after treatment ends. One size fits all. Wraps are 6 inches wide making it easy to apply. Twenty minutes of even pressure without cutting off the blood flow to the foot, ideal therapy post strenuous work. Flowboot targets the superficial digital flexor tendon and proximal sesamoid area which is where most problems occur. Keeping the heat and swelling out promotes recovery and prevents soreness.

** Sold in pairs – two boots and two wraps.**

This product makes all the other boots and gadgets obsolete.


•Decreased muscle spasms
•Decreased tissue damage
•Decreased swelling


When a horse sustains an injury, there is always a risk for inflammation and tissue damage. Research shows that cold compression therapy can shorten recovery time by as much as 50%.

Use cold compression therapy when your horse experiences:

•Sore tendons and muscles surrounding joints
•Sore feet
•Inflammation around the feet

For more information about when to use cold compression therapy, consult your equine veterinarian.  

**Caution: Do not apply the wraps directly to the horse or injury may occur.
How to Apply
1. Apply foam boot to the horse’s lower leg.

2.Apply the wrap as you would a polo wrap. Starting in the middle of the cannon bone, securely apply the wrap around the boot, wrapping down to the fetlock joint with a 45 degree layer that cups the ankle and wrapping back up the leg to secure the boot with additional support. Fasten wrap with hook and loop strip.