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FlowBoot Set (2 boots)
These sports boots offer great protection without inhibiting movement and circulation. 
This foam boot has an open front to relieve pressure from the digital flexor tendon, while the grooves in the back are open to ensure blood flow. Support in the back protects the ligaments. 
No more black sports boot due to having a hard time committing to just one color. You can now affordably change the color or your sports boots with a variety of Wrap colors.
** Wraps sold seperatley **
**Must use FlowBoot Wraps**
 XS 10.25"
SM 10.75"
MED 11.25"
L 11.75"
XL 12.25"
*If in between sizes go up
How to Apply the FlowBoot

1. Apply foam boot to the horse’s lower leg.

2.Apply the wrap as you would a polo wrap. Starting in the middle of the cannon bone, securely apply the wrap around the boot, wrapping down to the fetlock joint with a 45 degree layer that cups the ankle and wrapping back up the leg to secure the boot with additional support. Fasten wrap with hook and loop strip.
The Science Behind It All
The FlowBoot protects, supports, and allows full movement and circulation.
  1. Opening in front creates a bridge to relieve pressure from the digital extensor tendon. 
  2. Extra cushion and support to dissipate direct pressure on the superficial digit flexor tendon. 
  3. Supports and protects the ligaments of the proximal sesamoid bones to reduce load and hyperextension.
  4. Grooves correspond to and create bridges over the palmar digital veins ensuring proper blood circulation.
    5. 45 degree angle allows for proper application of the reinforcing waterproof wrap.


Tested and Impressed 

Researchers Professor Lars Roepstorff and Dr, David Marlin tested the FlowBoot in the study, "Locomotion Analysis of Horses Wearing FlowBoots", and found that horses tend to bear more weight on the limbs equipped with a FlowBoot compared to the limbs that were not protected. When the FlowBoots on both forelimbs there is no indication that they restrict gait in anyways. This is excellent as most boots cause changes in gait due to wight or restriction of point of range of motion or both. They speculate that the degree of comfort on the limb and move easier. 




TBT tack and FlowBoot.... a perfect fit