Complete Bitless bridle for ponies …side pull hackamore with reins
Complete Bitless bridle for ponies …side pull hackamore with reins
Complete Bitless bridle for ponies …side pull hackamore with reins

Complete Bitless bridle for ponies …side pull hackamore with reins

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natural horsemanship
side pull hackamore  bridle attachment

...because sometimes less is more....This is a side pull hackamore attachment with a browband headstall and throatlatch. 

This one  does not tighten on the nose when the reins are pulled back.



*high quality nylon 550 paracord

* Will not rot or mildew.  Very easy to clean with a mild soap and water.

*nickel plated hardware.

*chinstrap adjust with a roller buckle.

*5/8" wide




measure around the nose where the halter noseband fits.

mini or small pony .....nose up to 17"

cob or large pony....nose up to 19"


Common questions about my different bitless attachments
What is the difference in my all of my different side pull hackamores listed????...
I get this question alot, so I thought I would address the differences in my listing.  If you have more questions or still need help trying to decide which one you need, feel free to message me and I will help you.

Indian bosal  - this one tightens under the chin when you pull back on both reins.  The ropes criss cross under the chin.  I like this one on a horse that neck reins or has a good turn.  I do not like this one on a horse that you have to constantly rate back because I feel they dont get enough release.  It works well on a horse that you can rate back and he stays this way for a while.  It does give you more whoa when needed.  I find that on horses that get very nervous on the bit, they are much more relaxed with the Indian Bosal.  Even on my horses that are bitted, I use this quite often to give them a break from the bit.  I have had several horses that jig and get nervous when bitted on the trails stay much calmer and much more relaxed when I take them out in this.

Side Pull Hackamore - This side pull works very well on most horses.   It does not tighten down on the nose at all so it has the most release.   Think of it like riding with a halter, but more control.   I love to use on lesson horses when inexperienced students are riding.  The horses dont get the jar from the bit when the riders start using their hands for balance or raising their hands.  It doesnt tighten down on the nose, so if they get heavy accidentally then it doesnt hurt the horse.  It is also great for teaching young horses to bend, flex, and turn.  The braided noseband gives you more control than riding in a halter, but it is similar.  I use this on breaking young horses because they need turn at the beginning anyway and this helps them to understand by giving them direct pressure.  


rope nose side pull hackamore - this side pull is exactly like the one above, but the noseband is made of 1/4" halter cord and has knots on the nose. I find it gives you a horse that will give to pressure and makes them lighter.  It is also a very good tool to get flexion.  It works like a rope halter with knots on the nose.   It gives you more control on the nose without tightening down like the one with a whoa.


Side pull hackamore with a whoa -  This side pull is tightens down on the nose when the reins are engaged, which is what give you the whoa.  This one is the one that I move most of the young horse to when we are ready to go out of the round pen.  Most horses can stay on this hackamore.  It tightens down on the nose when both reins are pulled back on so it gives you more whoa than the regular side pull hackamore.  It is good for bend, flex, and turn...but it also has some whoa.  I believe that this hackamore and the next one listed is the best hackamore I have ever used.  Once I started using these, I started breaking all of the training horses on these.  I have not seen any reason to bit most of them unless the owners wanted it.  The horses have been responding and have stayed much more relaxed.  
Rope nose side pull hackamore "with a whoa" with knots - I had one horse this winter that had so much "go" that I didnt have enough control with the regular side pull "with a whoa".  I felt that I was constantly having to pull too hard...yet she would not accept a bit.  I designed this hackamore for her out of halter cord instead of the paracord and put the knots on it like a rope halter.  My problem was fixed!  This hackamore is for the more stubborn horse and one that likes to go.  The knots on the nose makes their turns very nice and the horse very responsive.  If you have light hands you could use this hackamore all the time.  I would not put someone with heavy hands on this hackamore because you have the knots on the nose and the hackamore will tighten down on the nose.

Customer Reviews

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2nd bridle we’ve ordered. AMAZING quality, beautiful craftsmanship, vibrant colors, and wonderful shipping/customer service!!
And they wear well, colors last and clean easily! Def recommended


Great tack! So cute and great quality!


Great bitless bridle! I am teaching my mini to drive, and she already knows how to do a bitless halter, so I requested a custom rein length for this design, and it works great. The custom order matched my multi-color request and is great! Love it!


Perfect for my little guy and his pony.


Bought 2 for my daughters mini/ponies
They fit perfectly! Excellent quality. We searched high and low for the right bridle and this was perfect! Thank you!